Transition from Codebook for iPad to the Universal Version


Continuing the discussion from Upcoming Changes for Codebook on iPad:

We’ve got a new post up on our blog with information for anyone using Codebook for iPad, wondering about the black and white icon, and seeking help on switching over to the universal version that runs on both iPhone and iPad. Codebook for iPad is still being maintained but will eventually be discontinued so you’ll want to migrate soon.



I purchased Codebook, when It was still stripe, for my iPhone and iPad. I’ve been working with the legacy iPad app for some time and feel,I should upgrade to the universal app.

The icon on my phone is blue. So I think I have the right app. I have read the blog and know about the bundle that is on offer but it still seems to want to charge me 9.99 to down load for the iPad. Could you suggest how to progress please.




Thank you for your support of Codebook and for posting on the discussion forum. Your purchases of Codebook for iOS’s should be tied to your Apple ID. Do you happen to know if you’re still using the same Apple ID on your iPad as you’re using on your iPhone?

The icon on my phone is blue. So I think I have the right app.

Yes the blue icon is the correct universal build.

If you’ve already purchased the universal version of Codebook separately, you should be able to download it without cost on your iPad (as long as it’s using the same Apple ID). Could you visit this link: on your iPad and see if you’re able to download it without cost and complete the migration process.

If you’d prefer, we’d also be happy to assist further in private support


That’s great thanks!