Key for other user


What could happends if I change one computers from an actual domain to another domain?


Hello @MauroCorrea

STRIP is not associated with a particular domain during installation, you should not have any issues.


ok, I did it and it is asking for a key…



If STRIP is asking for the license key, you can use the same license key you were provided during the purchase. It is valid for installations up to 5 PC’s.


Thanks for your help


Hello, the license key was lost and the owner, my boss doesn’t remember where is…Can you send it again to Enrique Winograd? he has many email accounts, please can you confirm me which email will receive it?


Hello @MauroCorrea

We have just sent his order fulfillment via a separate email to him which will include his license key. Please contact us via to inquire about the email address. Thanks!


Hi again, this info has not been sent yet.


Hello @MauroCorrea

Please contact us directly at for details regarding the fulfillment that was sent. Thanks!