License relocation


Before I purchase the license for Codebook, I would like to know whether I can transfer the Codebook License from old Windows PC to new Windows PC (perhaps newer version OS) and keep all the data? This potentially happens when we upgrade or change our PC.

Thanks & Rgds.


Hello @eddielcp

Thank you for your support of Codebook. The Codebook for Windows license allows you to install the same software on up to 5 different PC’s. If you haven’t previously backed up your data, you might want to take a look at our guide here:


Thanks for the info.
I only have one Notebook at the moment. My concern was on the event I change my notebook, I want to retain the license. I saw from the forum that there is a process of doing this with Zetetic.

I have already synced my data with the Notebook. I will be great if syncing is enabled between two mobile devices. Eg. If I can sync my wife’s Codebook with mine, then “I” will worry less. :stuck_out_tongue:




While you can synchronize to mobile devices, it required either using Codebook on the desktop, or a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, currently you cannot sync between two mobile devices directly. We will consider this in the future as we are currently working on major changes to our synchronization system which will allow for expanded Codebook features.