Memory leaks in native_key_mutf8(3.5.4) & native_key_char(3.5.3)

in version 3.5.4, file net_sqlcipher_database_SQLiteDatabase.cpp:
void native_key_mutf8(JNIEnv* env, jobject object, jcharArray jKey) {
int rc;
int idx;
jint releaseElements = 0;
jboolean arrayIsCopy;
sqlite3 handle = (sqlite3 )env->GetIntField(object, offset_db_handle);
jsize sz = env->GetArrayLength(jKey);
jKeyChar = env->GetCharArrayElements(jKey, &arrayIsCopy);
jstring key = env->NewString(jKeyChar, sz);
const char
password = env->GetStringUTFChars(key, JNI_FALSE);
int password_sz = env->GetStringUTFLength(key);
if(password_sz > 0){
rc = sqlite3_key(handle, password, password_sz);
if(rc != SQLITE_OK){
throw_sqlite3_exception(env, handle);
env->ReleaseStringUTFChars(key, password);

the pointer jKeyChar should be release after use by add the following line at the end of the above function.
env->ReleaseCharArrayElements(jKey, jKeyChar, JNI_ABORT);

in version 3.5.3, native_key has the same bug as above.

Hello @tommy8421

Thanks for catching that, I have pushed up a fix in the master branch on Github! The utility of the native_key_mutf8 should be rather rare in practice. Take care!

hello @developernotes,
thanks for your updating.