Migrating SQLCipher Databases and Cursor Crash

The project from GitHub derived to compile into a desktop tool, decompression SQLCipher for android database, incomplete data(When the data of one table is more than 15000, the table is decrypted as empty, but the others are normal).

Can only write my own android tools to read out the data from encrypt database.

I have 3 questions as follows:
1.I use the ContentProvider component in the DbTest application, and then use another application (DbRead) to read the database, and finally the Cursor is null, why?①
2.The lack of a 3 database version of the downgrade method:
1).SQLCipher downgrade;②
2).SQLite upgrade to SQLCipher;③
3).SQLCipher downgraded to SQLite.④
3.Whether has the commercial version of the source code, where to download?

These 4 problems must be solved, otherwise, the SDK can not be used, we are going to extend to the entire my company.

@Forest - I have consolidated several of your recent posts into this one thread.

  • For your 1, We don’t know why you are experiencing a crash there. No one else is seeing this behavior. You will need to provide us a sample database to reproduce this issue, in the open ticket we have via email support (i.e. not on this forum). Please do not post unverified zip files to this forum - we have to delete the posts that contain those files.

  • For 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, you can use sqlcipher_export() to change a SQLCipher database to SQLite (i.e. Downgrade), or convert a standard SQLite Database to SQLCipher (i.e. Upgrade).

On a related note, it is not a supported tool, but you are welcome to look here at the decrypt.c source.

That is a simple utility you can compile that will strip the encryption off of a sqlcipher database (i.e. decrypt it), without actually using SQLCipher, so that you can open it with regular SQLite. Again, please note that this is not a supported tool.

Finally, with regard to Commercial Edition downloads, they are available for purchase here: