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Hi All,

I have the SQLCipher for Android working and able to see some junk data when i hexdump an encrypted database. Want to know if there is any tool where in I can key in the passphrase to the encrypted database and can literally see the actual decrypted content in the database. I tried using Sqlite3 tool available as part of android-sdk/platofrm-tools and unable to do so. Can you pls suggest if there are any such tools available.

Also, the key that is derived by the framework using our passphrase, does that store in the device or within the database. Basically, want to export the encrypted database in one device and export the database and copy to another device and be able to extract the data. Will this be possible ?

Hello @vinay_kumar

There are few options in terms of tools to interact with a SQLCipher database, please take a look at the options here. The key that is derived from the passphrase is only resident in memory, it is not persisted to the database or device. There are options available for exporting a database, please take a look at the sqlcipher_export(…) convenience function.

Thanks for the pointer Nick. What I want is something like a free tool which can open the encrypted database.

Hello @vinay_kumar

The primary free tool available at this time is the SQLCipher command line shell. This command line tool allows you to open encrypted databases, query them, and manipulate them. You can either build the command line tools, or binaries are included in certain SQLCipher Commercial Edition packages.

Another free tool that might suit your needs is They recently added SQLCipher support for Mac and Linux.

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