Not able to INSERT with SQLCipher - SQLITE_AUTH error

Expected Behavior

INSERT command in existing table working

Actual Behavior

When I try to insert data in a table, I get an error code 23 SQLITE_AUTH.

This happens only when I enable encryption with sqlite3_key.
The insert command works fine otherwise with sqlite3.

Steps to Reproduce

SQLCipher version: 4.5.4

Hello @ragu89 - apologies for the confusion. When you log into the customer fulfillment site to download the SQLCipher Commercial Edition trial, you will see a license key at the top of the page, something like this:

PRAGMA cipher_license = 'OmNpZD....';

You must execute that PRAGMA prior to set the license code. After you do that the SQLITE_AUTH error will go away. If you have any other questions please let us know here, or via private commercial support (

Thanks @sjlombardo , it’s working much better with the license code effectively…!