One-time passwords and software licenses

I’m looking for a good solution to switch to from 1Password since they moved to a cloud subscription. I was wondering if Codebook can handle one-time passwords and software licences, two things I use a lot of in 1Password. Thanks.

Hello @philipt18

Thank you for your interest in Codebook, and for reaching out! Codebook supports generating time-based one-time passwords out of the box when supplied with a secret key. You can store software licenses as well if they are text-based. While we also support file attachments on all platforms, currently this is limited to images and PDF’s. Do you store file-based software licenses? Additionally, you can add custom labels and specify the mode (this helps define behavior within the application). We make trials of the software available for iOS, macOS, and Windows here. Please let us know if you have any further questions.