React Native App iOS Error

We are writing a React Native app and using the library react-native-sqlcipher-2. SQLCipher works fine in Android. The iOS app is generating the error “Implicit declaration of function ‘sqlite3_key’ is invalid in C99”. This indicates that sqlite3_key is not defined which means the app is using Apple’s sqlite3 library rather than Zetetic’s.

“User Header Search Paths” does include “$(PODS_ROOT)/SQLCipher”. Any ideas?

Hi @eric

Thanks for your interest in SQLCipher and for posting to the discussion forum. The SQLCipher team doesn’t develop or maintain the react-native-sqlcipher-2 project you referenced. That being said, typically you’ll want to include the path to the SQLCipher specific sqlite3.h header in Header Search Paths rather than User Header Search Paths.

The SQLCipher pod should automatically set this up for you: sqlcipher/SQLCipher.podspec.json at master · sqlcipher/sqlcipher · GitHub