Regarding SQLCipher License

I am planning to create a UWP App (.NET) that I intend to sell via the Windows Store and was considering SQLCipher to encrypt my app’s Sqlite database.

I noticed the SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_sqlcipher NuGet package and was able to get a sample code working.

Effectively, which license am I using via the above package? If I want to resell my app, do I need to buy a commercial SQLCipher license? Who would I then pay? On this website or Eric Sink, the author of that package?

Hello @Shahid - it looks like you cross posted this to our support address and we’ve answered it there as well. To summarize, you are able to use Eric Sink’s NuGet package under the terms of the SQLCipger Community Edition license. There is no private support for Community Edition. In addition, it is important that you comply with the attribution requirements of the SQLCiphet Community Edition license:

Specifically, the terms do require attribution and reproduction of license grants in the application interface. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Yes, I wasn’t sure whether I’d get a reply there since it was probably meant for premium support, hence I posted this here just in case. Thanks for your reply.