How to Include the Community Edition License in an application?


I have used the android-database-sql-cipher in my android application and have included the license file which is mentioned in the github repo and had made sure that the license file exists in the generated apk. But I want to make sure are there any other steps to follow and issues to be concerned of? Will there be any kind of restriction when i am publishing to the google play store and distributed across certain countries? A guidance for this will be much appreciated.

And please note that I don’t much idea on licensing standards.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @shehan_guruge,

Thank you for using SQLCipher and reaching out! You are correct that you will need to disclose the license and the license for SQLCipher-dependent components within your application. The license material must be user accessible. If you need any details on the license information, it can be found here [1].

In terms of distribution from Google Play, you will be restricted from distribution to embargoed countries because Google is a US company. More information can be found here [2].

  1. SQLCipher License Information - Zetetic ↩︎

  2. Export compliance - Play Console Help ↩︎