Strong Encryption License

I am currently working on a Android application which i am planning to release and be available for both USA customers and customers from Romania , and i want to use SQLCipher to encrypt the database. I have read today this blog where it says that this library requires a special license for strong encryption , if the application has to be distributed to other countries than USA.
Is this affirmation still valid? Do i need to purchase a special license for this? or would Commercial Edition be enough?

Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Hi @bogdanRada

We have an article here that covers our recommendations regarding export compliance when using SQLCipher. Would you take a look at that?

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Hello, i checked that, but there isn’t any information available there anymore. The zip file that was provided as an example for documents that were needed for France, is not available anymore and seems i can’t post any question there either :frowning:

And no one really said anything there about what kind of license did they purchased? was it community edition? or maybe was commercial license ? or enterprise?

I haven’t yet purchased any license, i am using the community edition for development…that’s why i am so interested if maybe a license needs to be purchased for application distribution outside of USA.

About the documents that need to written , that shouldn’t be a problem, i am pretty sure my lawyer can help on that. I just need to understand first if a license need to be purchased and what type.

I would really appreciate any help . Thank you very much.

@bogdanRada - the license that you use for SQLCipher is not directly relevant to the registrations required with the DOC/BIS and the ANSSI. You can use SQLCipher Community, Commercial Edition, or Enterprise in your application, but you will still need to go through the required steps with the authorities in all cases.

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Thanks a lot. I wasn’t sure if the type of license is relevant . Thank You very much for the clarification.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: