How to choose the version of SQLCipher

I am developing an application that requires the use of an encrypted database. This application will be for Android and iOS phones. I am using Android Studio to create this application and I would like to know if “SQLCipher for Android” is what I need.

Also, are the changes between the community and the commercial version only different in terms of additional features? Can we use the community version for an application that is intended to be on the market?
Do I have to quote the SQLCipher licenses somewhere in my application or is it not necessary?

Hi @Sitana

Thank you for your interest in SQLCipher. There are both Community and Commercial builds of SQLCipher for Android available. There are a few differences between the two build; the Commercial edition includes everything within the Community edition plus the following:

Regardless of package choice, you will need to comply with the license including attribution. You can find more information about the license here.