Need to purchase the commercial edition for SQL Cipher Android

I was trying to encrypt the database for our open source project. Initial result suggests that the performance after encryption is bit slow. On the website, it mentions that commercial/enterprise edition are 3x-4x faster than the community edition. Can you please help me on this?

Hello @Siddharth_Agarwal - SQLCipher commercial edition packages do contain some optimizations that can improve performance substantial. Commercial Edition also include special extensions to assist in performance tuning. In our testing, the best case improvements are in the 3-4x 4 range. That said, performance varies depending on a large number of factors like platform, cryptographic provider, size of data, structure of the database, and types of queries.

One important note, however, is that SQLCipher Commerical Edition libraries can’t be distributed as part of an Open-Source project. Since your distribution model is open source, you’d need to use Community Edition.

If you are experiencing performance issues, I’d strongly recommend taking a look at this article for optimization tips:

SQLCipher Performance Optimization - Zetetic