Removal of SQLITE_HAS_CODEC compile-time option from public SQLite code

Are you aware of the change to the public SQLite code that took place on Feb 7, 2020?
See “Simplify the code by removing the unsupported and undocumented SQLITE_HAS_CODEC compile-time option”.

How will that affect future development of SQLCipher?

Hello @utelle, Yes, we are aware of that change in upstream SQLite. It is unfortunate that the SQLITE_HAS_CODEC hooks are being removed.

In terms of short term impact, it will probably make merging of upstream changes into SQLCipher a bit more complicated for us in the future. However, SQLCipher has always been designed as a separate entity, i.e. it uses an independent fork of the source tree. Therefore we have all the flexibility we need to make changes going forward to continue development of SQLCipher. The product also benefits from having robust test coverage for all SQLCipher features that have been developed over the years. This has allowed us to identify and resolve numerous conflicts that have originated upstream in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

Thus, while we certainly consider the decision to remove SQLITE_HAS_CODEC as an inconvenience, we don’t really think it poses a substantial risk for SQLCipher development going forward.

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, indeed. It will make the task to adopt upstream changes more difficult.

My guess is that it will become increasingly difficult over time.

Good to hear that you are confident to manage this task.