Security of Windows data after laptop stolen


Hi. My laptop got stolen recently. On which I had installed STRIP for Windows. Sync was to Dropbox (only). I have since changed passwords to both Dropbox and STRIP. Can you inform you me of any riesidual risk. Is there any copy of .db file (or any other data locally held data file) in Windows system that could be found and subject to attack by criminals?


Hello @dwts

I’m sorry to hear about the stolen laptop! With regard to the security of STRIP, the data within STRIP is stored with a SQLCipher our open source, encrypted database. In order for someone to access any of the content of the database, they would need to have the key (i.e., your password). Without that, the entire contents of the database are fully encrypted and unreadable. If you are curious about some of the more technical features of SQLCipher, you may wish to review some of the published design information. Please let us know if you have any further questions.