Opening strip.db in Dropbox or Google Drive


This is a pretty common scenario: a customer syncs STRIP on iPhone let’s say with his Dropbox or Google Drive account for the first time. Then to confirm it worked he pops on over to his desktop computer running Windows, sees that a folder named Zetetic has been created in the Dropbox/Drive folder and that a file named strip.db has been added as well. He double-clicks on strip.db and… nothing! Well, the operating system doesn’t know what software to use to open the file.

As it should be. strip.db is an encrypted database file created by STRIP, managed by the SQLCipher database library—it requires either the SQLCipher command line interface to open and expose its contents or a custom application like STRIP. To access this data on your desktop you’ll want to have a look at STRIP for OS X and STRIP for Windows.

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