Manually restore strip.db in Android

I do not use Dropbox or Google Drive, and don’t wish to use WiFi sync either (or install STRIP on my PC). I have my old strip.db file, and would like to know how I can restore it in Android. It’s a shame there isn’t just a “Restore from file system” button! Could you please give instructions on how to do this?

Hello @alexd457,

Synchronizing via Dropbox, Google Drive, or from a desktop version of STRIP via local WiFi are the only synchronization options available for STRIP for Android. You can always create a free account with Dropbox or Google Drive just to perform the restore. If you do so, you would need to create a folder called Zetetic at the root on the cloud drive account you create, placing the strip.db file in it. Please remember, the entire contents of the strip.db file are fully encrypted.

Do you mind giving a technical answer of the form, “STRIP for Android stores its data in <…>. You can copy the data from strip.db into the database using <…>. This requires root access on your phone.”

Hello @alexd457

The database file is stored in STRIP for Android at:


If you are able to copy strip.db into that directory you would be fine. Otherwise, the above comment is the only supported means of synchronization.

Thank you! It worked.

Hi @alexd457

Thank you for getting back to us, we are glad to hear everything is working for you again!