Migration 15 failed error message

I purchased STRIP for both my Android phone and my Windows laptop quite awhile ago. I have now successfully updated to Codebook on my Android phone. But I’m unable to get the update to work on my Windows laptop. When I opened STRIP it did not automatically check for a new version. So I used your link to manually get the update. I’ve done this a few times now, but each time it fails when I try to log in. I get a “Migration 15 failed” error message.

Do I need to manually uninstall my old version of STRIP from my Windows laptop before the new Codebook version will work?

I would appreciate any help you can offer.


Hello @bethr524

I’m sorry to hear the migration appears to have failed. Is all of your data up to date on Codebook for Android, or do you have data on your Windows machine that you did not previously sychronize?

Yes, all of my data is up-to-date on my Android version of Codebook. Any idea how to get this to synch (I synch through Dropbox) properly with my Windows version of the app?

Hello @bethr524

Below are the steps you can use to replace the local database copy with that in Dropbox, please let us know if you have any questions along the way:

  • Initiate a synchronization from Codebook for Android with Dropbox to make sure the replica on Dropbox is current.
  • Exit Codebook for Windows
  • Next, delete the strip.db and settings.db files located in the %APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip folder, type that path within Windows Explorer
  • Login to Codebook for Windows
  • You should be prompted to set a master password, set and confirm it using the same password used in Codebook for Android
  • Navigate to the Preferences window under File → Preferences and select Dropbox as your synchronization provider, click Ok to save your changes
  • From the Sync menu in the main window, select Restore from Dropbox, this will require you to authenticate with Dropbox

Could you give those steps a try and let us know your results? Thanks!

Hello @bethr524

Could you also launch the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature and make sure that STRIP for Windows has been uninstalled from your machine and that you do have Codebook for Windows listed within the installed applications list?

I followed all your instructions, including from your second email where you said to uninstall STRIP from my machine and make sure that Codebook appeared in the list of apps. installed on my machine. The place I’m getting stuck is in the final step below where I’m trying to sync with Dropbox. I selected Restore from Dropbox and was presented with the Dropbox login window. I entered my credentials (which I have verified work on this machine as well as on another machine) and selected “Sign In” in the authentication window, and nothing happens. It’s not authenticating into Dropbox and therefore cannot do the db restore from Dropbox.
Any idea why this would be happening?
Is there any other means by which I can restore my db to my Windows machine?

Hello @bethr524

Thank you for trying those steps. What version of Windows are you running? When you view the Preferences window, does it show an Unlink from Dropbox button?

This is an old laptop, so I’m running Windows XP on it.
The Preferences menu did not show an Unlink from Dropbox option.

Hello @bethr524

Unfortunately using Windows XP makes this a bit harder if you are unable to authenticate with Dropbox.

If your Codebook for Android device is on the same WiFi network that your Windows XP desktop is, you can switch the synchronization provider in Codebook for Windows over to Desktop WiFi, then from Codebook for Android switch your sync mode to Desktop WiFi and select the Overwrite operation, finally initiate the sync from your Android device. This will allow Codebook for Android to directly authenticate and synchronize with Codebook for Windows without using Dropbox.

If WiFi synchronization is not an option, the Dropbox issue is almost certainly due to Windows XP containing an older version of Internet Explorer which unfortunately can not be updated via Windows Update at this time. Do you happen to have a newer version of Windows that you can install Codebook for Windows on? Your license of Codebook for Windows allows you to install it on up to 5 difference PC’s. If so:

  1. Authenticate with Dropbox on the new Windows machine via Codebook for Windows, then exit Codebook.
  2. Copy the settings.db file located in %APPDATA%\Zetetic LLC\Strip from the new Windows machine to the same folder onto your Windows XP machine.
  3. Initiate a restore from Dropbox on your Windows XP machine from Dropbox.

Please note, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, and hasn’t since April 8th, 2014. Hopefully one of those two alternative will work, could you give us an update when you get the opportunity?

Victory!!! Thanks for all your help. I just did the wifi synch approach and it worked perfectly. I’m all set now.
I really appreciate all your help.

Hello @bethr524

Thank you for getting back to us, we are glad to hear you were able to restore your data. Take care!

I’m running Win7 Pro and had to update Strip to Codebook. Codebook installs but Strip is still there. I get a migration 15 failed error when I attempt to open Codebook; however, I can still open Strip. I’ve tried removing Strip using Program Uninstall; however, Codebook will not open. I had to reinstall Strip to access my data. Can you help?

Hi @nestone9

I’m sorry to hear about the error message you are receiving. Do you happen to have a backup of your database, either locally or on Dropbox/Google Drive? Could you write us back at support@zetetic.net for further help? Thanks!