Schema Mismatch Error after updating to 4.4

my android app cannot sync with GDrive anymore after updating desktop to 4.4.0, neither can i do wifi link to desktop. error code is: unable to locate resource for schemamismatcherror

I had the same with iOS and Windows and solved it, see my post of June 11.

Thank you, but it’s hardly a solution, my point is that android app is not compatible with desktop program. developer has to fix it

Hi @AlexPTY

Thanks for reaching out, we’re sorry to hear about the troubles you are experiencing. The issue is due to the installation of a beta version of Codebook on the desktop which isn’t sync-compatible with other public releases of Codebook. There are a couple of approaches we can take to get you back up and running. Would you mind reaching out to us directly at where we can go over the options based on your specific environment? Thanks!

where can i download regular version for Windows and how to replace the Beta?

Hello @AlexPTY

We’ve replied to you via DM about the details. It would be best for you to reach out to us at in order to transition away vs. on to the beta version. Thanks.

Hello, i forwarded my e-mail address to you and support. Still do not understand, how it was possible for developer to update desktop beta and not the android app beta version. It’s reckless to say at least. I also do not remember signing for beta version, i never do this on any applications, ever!

Hello @AlexPTY

The desktop versions of Codebook utilize the public release channel by default. A user may opt into the beta channel, however, we do not that for you, it requires a user to change that setting. For example, you may access this setting from the File → Preference menu in Windows, then click on the Updates tab.

I am sorry for any confusion this has caused. We will be providing additional information to users when they make the choice to switch to the beta channel in a future release. We will look for your email.

Hello, i already switch desktop to public, it still wont sync on android tho

Hi @AlexPTY

I have just replied to your email within our support ticketing system about how to proceed. Thanks!

Yes, thank you, i am there with you

Why is the default setting on desktop version “BETA” if you know if causes problems?
Since my Android app hasn’t updated since January and there’s not a newer version available, when will the Android app be updated so that desktop and device can sync?
Android running Codebook v. 4.3.1
Win10 desktop v.
How do we get this fixed?

Hi @schmarvin

The default update channel in Codebook is Public, not Beta. We would be happy to help address your situation. Would you mind reaching out to us directly at to go over the available options given your environment, we can then get you squared away. Thanks!