Codebook not updating to v4.4 on Windows 10 Home

I recently received a Codebook update to my work and main home PC to v4.4.0.0. Both my work machine and my primary home PC run Windows 10 Pro. However, I also have a Windows 10 Home laptop and the same update was not provided for that laptop.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except I am now receiving a schema error when attempting to sync with the Windows 10 Home laptop. I assume the update to v4.4 for my other devices has made a breaking change to the schema.

I have tried re-downloading Codebook from your downloads page for the Win10Home laptop and then “repairing” the installation by running the MSI installer and clicking “Repair” when prompted. However, this has made no difference.

What should I do? Any advise would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hi @LordScree,

Sorry about that! Let’s try this:

  1. Launch Codebook on the Win10Home laptop and sign in
  2. Click on the File menu and select Preferences
  3. Click on the Updates tab on the Preferences window
  4. Set the Release Channel setting to Beta
  5. Click the Check for Updates button

Please let us know if that helps! If not I can privately send you the direct download link for the beta installer.

Oh, haha! I wonder how I ended up on the beta stream with my Win10Pro and work machines.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I was wondering that myself as the setting defaults to the Public channel. Perhaps you’ve installed a Beta on those machines at some point and that’s when it got switched over? We will sometimes ask customers who’ve reported a particular bug to try out the Beta channel to help us confirm we’ve fixed the issue in question.

Ah, could be that - I think I did have an issue once that needed a beta channel fix.

Which makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to switch back to public, haha.

Just confirming that switching to the beta channel did allow me to sync the database across, so that was the solution. Thanks.

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Hello, I’m new to the forum but have been using Codebook/STRIP for years and love it.

Today I struck a similar issue - I have Codebook for Windows on my work and home PCs. My work PC it turns out is on the beta channel and I updated to without knowing it was a beta. I synced updates with DropBox from this computer. My home PC isn’t on the beta channel, and so I couldn’t sync with the latest DropBox data as the schema had updated to 23. I followed instructions above and was able to sync with DropBox. But now I can’t sync DropBox with the iOS version of CodeBook!

Any advice most appreciated!

Okay, good to know, thanks for confirming that!

Which makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to switch back to public, haha.

Definitely! We publish the final release of updates to the Beta channel as well, but you can switch the channel setting back to Public at any time so that you only get notified of Public update releases in the future. This particular beta is going to last a few weeks at least, due to the nature of the changes involved.

Hi @bugsy_pal, thanks very much, we appreciate hearing from long time users, and sorry for the trouble here.

Access to the iOS beta requires adding you to the testing list in TestFlight, Apple’s service for developers distributing beta tests. I can add you to that now, just let me know if I should send the invitation to the email address you’ve used here to sign up for the forum or some other address (in the latter case send me a direct message or email us at so we can keep your email private).

Hi wgray, thank you - yes, you can add me to the testing list using the address that I used to sign up for the forum. I’d be most grateful for that.

On reflection, I don’t believe I ever set my work copy of Codebook to update on the beta channel. I’ve never had the problem of my different versions of Codebook not being able to sync due to schema differences - and I use the program on Windows, iOS and Mac (yes I love it and think it’s the best). Is it possible that I was prompted to download due to some weird glitch? Just wondering…


Well, I hope not! Have you ever run into a bug in Codebook for Windows, reported it to us, and tested out a fix for us to confirm? I took a look in our support box and didn’t see any previous support tickets.

Thanks again - I received the TestFlight invitation and I’m up and running with the beta on iOS. It synced database updates from DropBox without a problem. Appreciate your prompt help!

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No, I don’t believe I’ve ever reported a bug before… but my memory is not perfect…

Okay, thanks for the information. We’ll continue to review incoming requests to see if anybody else has the same problem.

We maintain a mailing list for beta testers, and we try to reach everybody on the list when we send out a beta update like this one that’s more disruptive (in the sense that it requires one to update on all platforms). Since you are currently using Beta versions, would you like me to add you to that list? It’s extremely low volume, never used for promos etc.

Thanks again!

Hi William,

thanks for your response. Yes, please add me to the beta testing mail list.

All the best,

I seem to be in the same state. One PC somehow downloaded the beta, then I moved the rest to the beta to make it work, now my android devices won’t sync. How long will it be before 4.4 is available on Android?



We’re hopeful for about a month or so, but that highly depends on the feedback we receive from beta testers and how many iterations of betas we end up going through.

The beta versions are very stable, so we would recommend one of the options below:

  1. Switching over to the beta versions on your other devices (easiest option)
  2. Reverting Codebook for Windows to the production version (somewhat more complicated depending on what unsynced changes you have present on each device).

Please feel free to reach out to us at with which option you’d like to go with and if you have unsynced changes on your machine which is on the windows beta (and your other devices) if you’d like to go with option 2 and we can provide further instructions.