Upgrade to 4.4.0 makes database incompatible with iPhone

I was prompted to upgrade to PC version 4.4.0; after this upgrade, the PC database schema is not compatible anymore with my iPhone database and sync is impossible.

Helpdesk asked if I was a beta tester. I’m not and never was. Helpdesk advised and mailed a link to download new version.Same errors again.

Finally succeeded to install PC version 4.3.2 and sync works.

So basically, I can use Codebook and sync, but I can’t upgrade anymore…

Same problem. How do i roll back?

I removed PC version and deleted the Zetetic LLC folder in "c\users<user>\appdata\roaming\ (Note: helpdesk advised to delete only the files strip.db and settings.db.
Then I re-installed the PC version (helpdesk supplied a link). At the end of the installation I was prompted to update to 4.4.0. I canceled that prompt. Then, advised by the helpdesk, go to file\preferences in the PC app and in the tab “updates” set the release channel to “public”.
Note: I had the latest database updates on my iPhone, so for me no problem to delete the pc database.
If you have doubts, contact the helpdesk.

Hello @Robertvb

We are happy to hear you were able to restore your syncing ability. Please note that now that you are on the Public release channel in Codebook for Windows you will continue to be prompted for new updates as they are released to the public. We are sorry for any confusion and inconvenience this caused.

Hello @michaelste

We would be happy to walk you through the possible options to restore your ability to sync with other Codebook clients. Would you mind reaching out to us at support@zetetic.net so we can further understand your specific scenario. Thanks!

Hi, issue solved; I was in contact with Don from Support. I’m now only puzzled why this feature (toggle public/beta) is in a final product. Never seen it in any other application…