Dropbox Sync fails with iPad

Updating Dropbox Cloud service fails - {".tag = “not_found”;}

IMAC and iPhone sync correctly.

Reset IPad and reloaded Codebook.


Hey @al92780 ,
Thanks for contacting us about Codebook and sorry to hear about the sync issue. Is “Updating Dropbox Cloud service fails - {”.tag = “not_found”;}" the error message you see on the sync or is there another error? Also, what IOS version is the iPad on?


More info,

On iMAC can not add new device.

I “print” synckey and scan QR code from Print screen into iPad.

An additional error on iPad is “No rollback database”


iPad IOS ver is 14.6

Update 2:

MAC Codebook is 4.4 and iPhone and iPad have 4.3.3, all have following error when sync attempted.

Error Message:
Failure reverting to rollback db
during cancel
No rollback database exists


Codebook 4.4 beta won’t sync with previous versions of Codebook, you’ll need to update all your devices to Codebook 4.4. We’ve responded to your private support request with further questions/instructions.