Unable to sync on iOS app

I am running codebook on 5 iOS devices for my parents. My mom is in town and i went to add some new stuff to her app, and went i went to sync, it would get to 50-70% or so, and crap out. This happens on both her iPad and iPhone. I noticed she hasn’t done a sync since June. I have not spoken with my father yet to see what his results are, but i suspect the same.

Download Failed

After i dismiss that message, i get another message

Failure reverting to rollback db during cancel. No rollback db exists.

We use their dropbox account as the service. Any options on how to proceed here?

I was able to resolve this by deleting all of the sync files from the dropbox account, and kicked off the sync tasks again. All devices are now syncing fine again.

Hey @Frosty81

Thanks for using Codebook and reaching out, although I’m sorry to hear about the trouble when syncing your parents devices to Dropbox. It does sound like something had gone awry with their sync state.

I’ve just messaged you with additional steps to cleanup any dangling remote references for your parents (references to the previous Dropbox synced files) within Codebook. Without performing these steps, Codebook will think that there’s still another remote out there which hasn’t been synced to (and will never be synced to as the files are no longer present). This won’t do any damage, but it would cause Codebook to “hold onto” changes which have already been seen by all their remotes, bloating Codebook over time.

If anyone else is experiencing a similar problem, please feel free to reach out to us at support@zetetic.net