Dropbox sync failing w/o error


Trying to sync an iPhone 7+ to my Codebook’s Dropbox DB - tried Sync, Overwrite, and Restore and all seem to be accessing the DB file (no errors thrown), however at the end of the sync I still don’t have any entries. Also tried syncing via Wifi, but despite both devices being on the same network and the desktop app running and unlocked my PC is not on the connections list (it’s blank).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi @ImagoX

Are you running the Windows (or third-party) firewall? If so, would you temporarily disable it to see if that is the cause. The mobile version of the software allows to explicitly enter the IP address of your desktop, that may be an option as well.

With regard to the synchronization to Dropbox, have you previously synchronized to Dropbox before?


Re: Dropbox Sync - Yes, I usually sync via Dropbox and have never had an issue. I have Dropbox installed on the new iPhone, and am able to access the files on that cloud drive. I am NOT getting any sort of error - in fact, I see a “downloading remote DB” message briefly, like it’s accessing the sync DB in the cloud, but then it never loads the actual entries.

Re: attempting to sync via WiFi - I am NOT running Windows firewall, no.



I ran an integrity check after trying to sync again, and it “removed orphaned records” - not sure why, but doing so now allows me to see all my synced password files. Thanks!


Hello @ImagoX

Excellent, we are happy to hear you were able to synchronize your data again. Take care!