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  1. After updating sqlcipher version to 3.4.0 on android gradle build, some of the queries are not working that were working before.
    ex: binary operations in the query “<=” is not giving the same results as previous versions.
    We spent lot of time and at last changed the version back to 3.3.1-2 and worked fine.

Do you have any suggestions?


Hello @kiranmusham

I am not aware of a change to SQLCipher that would cause that behavior, however it could be an underlying change within SQLite. The latest SQLCipher, 3.4.0 is based on SQLite 3.11.0 whereas the previous 3.3.1-2 you reference is based on SQLite

In order to help isolate the issue, you might consider running your application where the password to the of the database is "". This will prevent the SQLCipher library from encrypting your data and will allow it to operate as the standard SQLite distribution would. Would you let us know your results? Thanks!