SQLCipher API for iOS never be called


I use FMDB+SQLCipher from CocoaPods. I m sure all the settings about it is correct because i do it again in another project in the same way. Look at this:

when I call the encrypted method it return no. Who can help me solve the problem?


and I wonder how -DSQLITE_HAS_CODEC in other c flags works in Xcode, why not use the macro in the sqlite.h or sqlite.c ?


Hello @snake7788 - Based on the description you’ve provided it is not clear that this is an issue with SQLCipher. In this case you are invoking the SQLCipher API through FMDB, integrated using their cocoapod. It would make the most sense to investigate FMDB or raise an issue with their support first to rule out an issue there.


@sjlombardo Thanks for your reply. I guess it has nothing to do with FMDB. In FMDB it call setkey(an API) to call the encrpted function sqlite3_key.

There is problem in this very project.But If I create a new project it works well.
Perhaps some settings in Xcode is not correct. I have to think of anthoer way.