SQLCipher Commercial License: Can I use on my two computers?


I have a Mac laptop for travel and a work station at home, as well as a Windows virtual machine. I would like to not depend on only one of my machines to use SQLCipher.

On SQLCipher Online Ordering - Commercial Edition Checkout | Zetetic, it states:

A Developer User means any individual person or computer system

I’m now a bit unsure whether I can use one license on these 2-3 machines of mine or whether I would need additional licenses. How does the license management work?


Hello @Karl-Heinz - yes, you can absolutely use the SQLCipher license on two computers as an individual developer. The “computer system” limitation on the license is intended for situations where a human is not logged into the computer using the licenses. For example, automated continuous integration or build systems require a separate license if they are being used. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the clarifications, SJ!