SQLCipher for Xamarin Update - Migrating from Xamarin Component Store to Nuget Packages


In November 2017 Microsoft announced that it would be shutting down the Xamarin Component store and removing support for Xamarin Component packages (.XAM files) in order to better align with the rest of the .NET ecosystem. SQLCipher for Xamarin packages are now licensed and available solely from Zetetic directly.

As a result of these new changes, legacy SQLCipher for Xamarin .XAM packages (e.g. those previously downloaded from the Xamarin Component Store) may no longer work properly with new versions of Visual Studio.

In order to support SQLCipher users during this transition period, Zetetic is currently offering all previous Xamarin Component Store customers enrollment into Zetetic’s CipherCare support and maintenance program. An active CipherCare subscription provides ongoing updates to Zetetic’s NuGet-based packages for Xamarin that include the latest version of SQLCipher, further streamline integration, and provide compatibility with current Visual Studio development tools. CipherCare also includes priority private support directly from the developers of SQLCipher.

To take advantage of this offer please contact us at sales@zetetic.net.

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