SqlCipher integration with Android application


I am trying to integrate sqlcipher to my android application . but when ever i am adding library to my existing project it is giving error as–
Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/common/annotations/Beta;
[2014-09-03 02:08:08 - MyRa] Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/common/annotations/Beta;

Your help would be benificiary Please revert me back as soon as possible.

Khajan Pandey


Hello @Khajan_Pandey,

It sounds like you may be seeing a conflict with another 3rd party library used within your application. Are you including multiple guava jars?


Yes i am using guava library in my project i removed mine as
it is inside LibraryFolder i cleaned project then again it is coming up
with new error that is

The library ‘SQLCipher.jar’ contains native libraries that will not run on the device.

[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] Additionally some of those libraries will
interfer with the installation of the application because of their
location in lib/
[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] lib/ is reserved for NDK libraries.

[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] The following libraries were found:
[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] - lib/armeabi/libdatabase_sqlcipher.so
[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] - lib/armeabi/libsqlcipher_android.so
[2014-09-03 22:58:29 - MyRa] - lib/armeabi/libstlport_shared.so

Please help me out in this


Hello @Khajan_Pandey

What IDE are you using to build your application? The native libraries generally go in the libs folder, not lib within your source tree (i.e., tutorial), unless you are using Android Studio and then we have directions for that here.


Thanks for your reply. Yes I am using Eclipse IDE and have placed library inside libs folder .Do i need to setup anything for NDK because i just placed all required library in respective folders and icudt46l.zip inside Assets folder.There is something else which i need to do to setup system environment.For better clearence i am using Linux.If these information is nedded otherwise ignore please.
As i have purchased license already and i have to integrate it As Soon As Possible.



Hello @Khajan_Pandey

If you are still having an issue, can you compare your project structure with the SQLCipher for Android test suite to see if there are any differences as it already has SQLCipher for Android integrated. Thanks!