SQLCipher Swift Example Community Edition Update Request


I am not sure where to post this as it is an issue against the example. My issue is described below and how I was able to resolve it. If this isn’t the correct method to resolve please let me know.

When following the Community Edition of SQLCipher guide for iOS the swift it has you add in the bridging header:
#import <sqlite3.h>
but in doing this, the compiler does not properly apply the preprocessor macro or other c flags to the header file. I added the #define SQLITE_HAS_CODEC in the header itself and it still wouldn’t compile.

In order to get my application to compile I needed to change the import to the following:
#import “sqlite3.h”

After this change was made I was able to compile the example.


Thanks for the report. The documentation has been fixed.

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@mmoore Thanks for having the documentation updated!