Xcode 12 can not resolve the redefinitions

I have been using SQLCipher for years in an iOS Swift project. It now uses pods to manage the dependency on SQLCipher. Everything works fine in Xcode 11.7, but it looks like the preprocessor macro: SQLITE_HAS_CODEC=1 is no longer being recognized in Xcode 12. Does anyone have a work around for this, yet?



Thanks for your interest in SQLCipher. I just setup a simple test project using Xcode 12.2 and it seems to be working properly on my end.

Are you following the instructions here: https://www.zetetic.net/sqlcipher/ios-tutorial/#option-2-cocoapod-integration ?

If you’re using Cocoa Pods all the Other C Flags and Preprocessor Macros should be setup for you automatically and you shouldn’t need to modify them.

A couple questions:

  • Are you properly setting up the Bridging Header?
  • What type of error message you receiving?

OK. I should have done that from scratch. I got caught up in the fact that it was working for so long and then just stopped with the Xcode 12.0 update. I went back and did one of the those uninstall everything and start over. That project has a lot of legacy flags, and paths set in build settings. I removed everything and then started over. Also, added the bridging file. It was working without that previously. Now it’s there. Just like the instructions instructed. lol

It’s working.

Thank you for your help!


Glad to hear its working properly for you.