Testing Codebook 4.1 - Sync Operations

We are preparing Codebook version 4.1 and are looking for customers who would like to get an early look at the new Operations features it introduces and provide feedback.

Codebook 4.1 is an update to all four of the Codebook apps (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows) that is intended to do a few things:

  • Fix several edge case bugs in the Sync system
  • Provide better error handling and recovery during Sync
  • Introduce new advanced options for changing how Sync operates

The new sync options were created in response to feedback we received here and in the support mailbox, as well as a need to have more flexibility when helping customers address bad data and other support scenarios. They are similar to the previous Operations feature in Codebook 3 (Sync, Overwrite, and Restore) along with a new operation called Merge.

We’re currently testing 4.1 internally here at Zetetic. We will begin external beta testing once we’re fully satisfied with our internal testing, but in the meantime we were wondering if anybody here would like to get an earlier look at the new sync operations and provide feedback? Please fill out this short Google form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re ready to get started.

Thanks in advance to anyone with the time to test, and thanks for all the feedback here, we really appreciate it! Hopefully this message finds you safe and healthy wherever you are.

Thanks to everybody who’s signed up so far! If anybody else would like to join the early beta, there’s still time. We’re doing prep work for the beta on our end, and the documentation for the new operations is ready for a first look. I know the beta isn’t in your hands just yet, but please have a look at the new Help page and let us know what you think! The intent there is to describe what each operation does, as well as how to enable the menu item for using the new operations.