Update with unicode characters reports SQLite.Net.SQLiteException


The following statement reports SQLite.Net.SQLiteException:

update Contact set LocationFullName='Derbyvägen 6e' where LocationID=1

SQLite.Net.SQLiteException near “=”: syntax error
SQLite.Net.Platform.SQLCipher.XamarinAndroid.SQLiteApiAndroid.Prepare2(IDbHandle db, string query)<5562b8f86da4414b8b535d4e379510ed>:0
SQLite.Net.SQLiteConnection.Execute(string query, object[] args)

It works fine with plain ASCII text.


Hello @hemantksh

Are you using a parameterized query to perform your update? It is unclear from what you have provided, but this is working locally for me:

connection.Execute("UPDATE Contact SET LocationFullName = ? WHERE LocationID = ?", 
  new Object[] { "Derbyvägen 6e", "1" });

Would you give that a try and let us know your results? Thanks!


Thanks @developernotes!

It works fine with parameterized query. I was earlier using a formatted string to generate the SQL statement.


Hello @hemantksh

I am glad to hear the parameterized query worked for you. We will investigate the issue you experienced with non-ASCII characters within inline queries for our next release.