We are using older version of sqlcipher app got crashes in android 10 device

We are using older version of sqlcipher “libstlport_shared.so, libsqlcipher_android.so and libdatabase_sqlcipher.so” these are the files we are using now. The application got crashed in Android 10 Mobile. Please help me to sort out the thing

this the error what we got. i searched on the internet for the new files from community edition but no luck.

Hi @senthil_kumar

Have you tried using the latest SQLCipher for Android release? It is now available as an AAR package, you can find more information about integration here. Also, since you are using an older version of the library, you will need to consider either a one-time upgrade of the database, or enabling a compatibility mode. We cover both options in detail here.

Dear Nick parker,

Thanks for the reply. I want use in Eclipse IDE. Is that possible? Any *.so file available.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @senthil_kumar

We only publish the library using the AAR format. AAR is the standard way to distribute libraries currently for the Android platform. The native libraries are embedded in the AAR if you wish to extract them. If Eclipse is no longer meeting your needs, you might consider evaluating Android Studio which supports AAR via Gradle.