Windows installer ( Does not detect already installed Bonjour


When installing, the installer tries to download Bonjour print services 2.0, despite Bonjour 3.0 already being installed (included with iTunes). After canceling the Bonjour install, the STRIP install completes and syncing still works with the IOS app.

Windows 8.1, x64


Hello @orev

Thanks for letting us know this. We will take a look at identifying the appropriate products codes for Bonjour 3 to see if we can integrate checking for that version as well during installation.


I have had previous versions installed and it did not do this, so possibly something that changed recently.


Hi @orev

We have recently changed the installer to help install these 3rd party dependencies as often users will not have iTunes already installed.


I have been unable to find the Bonjour 3 download on Apple’s site, but you can obtain the MSI by downloading iTunes and then opening the file with 7zip. There’s an MSI file in there for Bonjour 3. It doesn’t help with installation and distribution, but maybe it will help with identifying the product code.


Hi @orev

Thanks for the tip, we’ll take a look into it.