Windows preferences - send statistics - small cosmetic bug


Hi - on an old Windows 7 laptop, running a Codebook downloaded today 2016 Feb 13, in Preferences, the “send statistics” string is cut off at the right.

It’s a small cosmetic bug.


Hello @rickcogley

I was unable to reproduce this with the default preference window size on Windows 7. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? The preferences window can be resized, but should default to a size appropriate for displaying all of the content correctly. If you still see the issue, would you mind including a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks!


Sure thing. I don’t use it myself but as my team loads it up I’ll ask them to confirm.


Hi - so far, confirmed on a couple machines here, guys.

Here’s a screenshot from Windows 7, on a Dell 12 inch Latitude E7250.


Hello @developernotes

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. We will make an adjustment to the Preferences window available in the next release of Codebook for Windows to address that. Thank you.