Xamarin Azure Mobile App support? (SEE supports Azure Mobile Apps)

I am looking for a clean way to integrate SQL Cipher with Xamarin Azure Mobile Apps. There is a SEE extension

I’m right now deciding if I should spend the additional licensing fee to get the existing sample (linked above) up and running, or if there is a straightforward way to integrate this with Azure Mobile

Hello @makerofthings7

Thank you for your interest in SQLCipher. The approach documented in the link you referenced for utilizing SEE with the Azure Mobile App Client SDK should work just as well with our commercial edition SQLCipher packages. The approach there basically relies on a project that links against a “custom” sqlite3.dll file, utilizing it along with any included cryptography. In fact, the documentation specifically notes that SQLCipher would be supported as well:

that SEE is not the only encryption option for Mobile Apps; For instance, you can define a local store that uses SQLCipher for encryption.

In order to use SQLCipher, you would need to obtain appropriate licenses for the target platforms, include the pre-built libraries, and then be sure to set the key using PRAGMA key after creating your MobileServiceSQLiteStore instance.

Important Clarification: The approach described in the linked Azure Samples GitHub project describes using a completely custom build of Azure Mobile Services, coupled with custom builds of native SQLite libraries that support encryption for each target platform. While this is technically possible, it is not a trivial integration. Most importantly this solution does not work with the officially supported Azure Mobile library distributions, and is not supported as a direct integration by the SQLCipher team at this time.

Are there any updates for this topic?
Mobile Services became Azure Mobile Apps now. Per last comment for this change request it should be possible to incorporate custom build of sqlite3.dll with encryption. Do you see it’s feasible?

Hello @oleksandrmykhaylyshy

It certainly is feasible, however there is not currently a turnkey solution for integrating SQLCipher for Xamarin with Azure Mobile Apps SDK, nor is this a trivial integration. If your organization is interested in licensing a custom solution, please feel free to reach out to us here.


I need help encrypting the azure offline sdk database using the SQLcipher. Is there a free version of the SQLcipher that i use for develpment purpose.

Hi @muralikrishnan_v

SQLCipher core is open source, however if you are looking for prebuilt turnkey solutions, we have paid commercial offerings here.