Manually add SQLCipher to Xamarin iOS project

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased and downloaded a copy of SQLCipher for iOS. What I can’t figure out is how to add it to my Xamarin iOS project. If I try and add it as a component I get taken to the Xamarin components page where I have the option to buy a license again. What I want to do is add the component from the copy I’ve already bought and downloaded. The binaries folder of the copy I bought contains files:


Might I have bought the wrong version or should I have done it through Xamarin?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hello @ianwilliams - thanks for getting in touch. Indeed, to use SQLCipher with Xamarin you should purchase the SQLCipher for Xamarin.iOS component from the Xamarin Component Store. The component includes all the bindings necessary to use and bundle SQLCipher within your Xamarin project. I’ve refunded your company order for the standard SQLCipher for iOS, so you can now purchase the component version.

Many thanks, I’ll add it through Xamarin this time.