Annoying Bug/Feature with Password Generator

I’m doing some batch changes of forum accounts in order to better anonymize myself online and detach from an old virtual persona. In so doing I have been using password generator to (1) create new passwords and (2) generate randomized usernames (I use Diceware and refresh until I find two words that are essentially amusing to me).

In switching back and forth between the password field from which I generate the usernames and the password field from which I generate the passwords, I’ve noticed something annoying. When I click the “Generate” button the generator will be fixed on whatever the last type of password generator I used was. So, for example, if I open for editing a max length password of alphanumerics, but I last used the Diceware generator, the generator will be on Diceware. So, I have to change it back to alphanumeric, and I have to reset the length. If I last used the alphanumeric generator, but I’m trying to come up with a randomized username via Diceware, then I have to change it from the alphanumeric generator to Diceware, and reset the length again (though I don’t really have to reset the length in this case since I’m picking two words from the list that pops up).

My use case might be weird but it’s something I do a lot and I find it pretty annoying. The way I see it, if you’re opening an existing password field for editing, the generator should be the same type of generator that the field is. I don’t know if this is actually possible though; maybe there’s no record within Codebook of how a particular password was generated. Dunno. It definitely remembers what was last used though.

Hey @phobos512

Thank you very much for your support of Codebook and for posting to the discussion forum with this suggestion.

We have had discussions about potential improvements to the Password Generator within Codebook and are considering a few different options. There were some additional ideas mentioned in this thread also: Suggestions for the password generator feature

We’ll keep your suggestions in mind as we continue to discuss the evolution of the feature. Thanks!

Let me sugget you visit an external website to generate personally amusing usernames from the various wordlists. Perhaps

They have several wordlists in more than ten languages.