Generating a new password takes too long

I’d love there to be a quick way of making a new password. What I’d like ideally would be something like:

  • Have another short-cut key (like for finding passwords), or at least an icon. Click it.
  • Type a name for the new password.
  • Have the random chooser pop up, let me click OK.
  • Automatically put the new password into the cut+paste buffer.

So that would be (hopefully) one key press to open the dialog, then type in new name, click OK, click OK again (maybe even merge these two), then go paste. While I realise the full thing isn’t that much worse, I just find it irritating, as the two things I do more than anything else is (a) get an existing password, and (b) make a new password.

Instead now I have to:

  • Open app
  • Click in the category I want
  • Remember which tiny icon is “add new entry”
  • Type in name of entry
  • Click plus
  • Click Generate
  • Click OK
  • Click Save
  • Click on ‘Password’
  • Copy the password
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Hi @ChristopherJ, thanks for using Codebook and writing us with your feedback! We’ve been thinking a lot about this lately too, and have a few ideas along these lines to make it easier to create a new random password when you’re setting up an account somewhere. Ideally it would be similar to what you describe, a work-flow oriented approach. You’re describing the desktop version here, but we could also improve that experience in the mobile versions as well.

I can’t commit us to doing that right now, as we have two other pretty large projects underway at the moment, but we’ll be looking into it, it’s an improvement we’d all appreciate.

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Thanks for the update!