Easier way to enter user name and password?

I have been trying out different password managers to use and Codebook is one of them. Secret Agent is good for credentials entry but it takes lot more steps compared to Keepass or 1Password. In Keepass a key combination will enter the user id and password and log on to the site. With Codebook I have to enter the key combination/keyboard shortcut to bring up the Secret Agent, then search for the entry (ie; Amazon) then Tab to select user name, then copy, go back to the browser and paste and then again repeat the steps to enter the password and then finally click/tap enter to log in to the site.

In Keepass and 1Password it is a single keyboard shortcut with domain matching and I am logged in. Also with 1Password I can right click in login field and easily select the credential for the site and login with a single click. Is there a similar better,easier,faster way to do credential entry with Codebook? Btw, I prefer key combination compared to mouse click to avoid RSI but it would be nice to have that option.

Also I can’t find a codebook extension for Chrome or Firefox while Keypass and 1Password has extensions making it much easier to save credentials and enter them. Are there plans to release them or is it a security risk to have extensions?


Hi @codebookuser

We are looking into ways in order to streamline the interaction with secret agent, that said, once you find the entry you are looking for within secret agent, for example Amazon, and you have arrowed down to the field you wish to use, you can simply press enter on the field and it will automatically insert the text value directly into the previous window in which you had focus – no need to copy and paste!

Browser plugins are something that we have avoided due to various potential security exploits within the browser. We may consider them in the future, depending on the specific need.

Understood about no need to copy paste. It is just too many steps compared to CTRL+ALT+A in Keepass or CTRL+\ in 1Password.

With Codebook in Amazon here are the steps:
1)click the email field to get focus
3)type search term
4)arrow down to select it
5)Enter to input the email
6)Tab to password field
8)Arrow down to password
10)Enter to sign in

Looking forward to the streamlined version hopefully with a single key combination to log in to a site.


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Hi there

I prefer the KeePass approach: No browser plugin, just an intelligent autofill for user/passwords, that works in any application (guessing from window titles or URLs…), and can be configured with key sequences (paste > tab > paste > tab > enter). Also, I dont mind filling passwords into Codebook manually - once they are there, they are there, and also, will stay there. And wont be changed without my knowledge (as Safari does, for instance, sometimes…).

My two cents…


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