Some questions from new user

Hello. I am trying to migrate from 1Password. I have some comments and questions.

  1. Is there a way to “anchor/dock” the Secret Agent window?

  2. Is there a way to populate the password fields with the website’s favicon?

  3. Shouldn’t there be a “copy” button next to fields in Secret Agent?

  4. Can we hide the “always on” icon of secret agent in the macOS dock?

  5. in which directory does Codebook vault reside on MacOS?

  6. Can we set Codebook to lock after a restart, not a max of every 8 hours?

Hi @Zoron

Thank for trying Codebook and posting to the discussion forum with these questions. I’ll be happy to help.

No. Typically we see Secret Agent used for quickly inserting data into another application and then resuming work on the other application. When you call Secret Agent once and unlock it, it should be unlocked subsequent calls using the Hotkey (depending on your auto lock timer setting). For other uses where the window might need to persist, we’d think the main Codebook interface would be a better choice. That being said, would you mind outlining the use case that you would want the Secret Agent window to anchor/dock?

No, at this time there isn’t a capability to add custom icons within Codebook. That being said, we have considered using websites favicons (when available) like you mentioned and is something that we’re keeping on our radar

Because Secret Agent is mainly keyboard driven, we didn’t include a copy button next to fields currently. That being said, you can still copy the field using the hotkey (CMD + C) or insert it using the return key.

No, Secret Agent is a helper application which runs alongside Codebook for macOS. When triggering Secret Agent and Codebook for macOS isn’t running, it will activate Codebook for macOS (and show as active in the dock).

~/Library/Group Containers/

Within that location is a default.strip package, this contains all your encrypted Codebook data. The main encrypted database is called strip.db within that package.

Currently the maximum auto lock timer period is 8 hours. Just to clarify, your use case would be to allow Codebook to remain unlocked for multiple days for example (until a reboot occurs)?

Greetings. Thanks for the reply!

  1. I have a lot of reasons to dock the secret agent. I store a lot of information more than just username/password . Things like ID numbers, Dates, Credit Card numbers, IBANs, phone numbers and a lot more. I copy and paste this information to browsers without codebook plugin installed or into other messaging apps or text editors or emails. the small window helps to copy back and fourth.

  2. Yes. Until I reboot it remains unlocked. I see no reason why it would auto-lock after 8 hours then I have to unlock it again. The user should choose when to lock , after minutes, hours, days, on sleep or on reboot.


Thanks for those responses with the additional information.

I just wanted to clarify here that Secret Agent can insert the information into anywhere without having to copy/paste it back and forth and without any plugin. Secret Agent can either insert single fields or multiple fields at a time (using Secret Agent actions). There’s some additional information on this page (along with a few short example videos): Codebook Help - Secret Agent

Thanks for this feedback. I’ll bring it up with the rest of the team. I could see “Never” being an option to consider as well. We’ve tended to err on the side of caution as leaving Codebook unlocked for long periods of time could potentially risk exposing sensitive data.