(Windows) Randomize Button doesn't work when creating password?

Just had an issue generating a new password within the Codebook app on Windows 8.1 64 Bit. I found that the randomize button (that is, the little arrow in a circle) to randomize a password doesn’t do anything - it doesn’t seem clickable currently? The only way to randomize on the computer currently seems to be to select different password type (alphanumeric, random, etc.) or to change the length back and forth a bit.

Hello @phobos512

I think the issue you are seeing may be due to where you are clicking on the refresh arrow. From what I can see in my local testing, when clicking anywhere on the arrow itself (i.e., the black portion) a new password is generated, however if you are trying to click within the arrow, such as the center white area, it does not respond. Can you verify this is also the behavior you are seeing? We will look into addressing this in a future release. Thanks!