Are you planning to support passkey / FIDO2 with Codebook?

As more and more sites support the use of passkeys aka webauthn/FIDO2 (e.g. Google, Windows Hello etc., Apple on all devices) I’m curious:
Are there any plans to support the use of this login method in future releases of Codebook?


Hi @lonzo ,

Thanks so much for stopping by the forum and providing these great links! We are very interested in supporting passkey login with Codebook, however: we are about to start beta testing for a new feature we’ve been working on for about two years now, automatic background sync[1]. We expect to remain busy with the testing and rollout of this feature in the coming months. Thus, we’re not in a position to adopt passkeys right this moment or posit any intended time-frame.

If it’s not too nosy a question: are you currently using any passkeys yourself?

Billy Gray

  1. If you would be interested in joining the beta testing for this feature please let us know. ↩︎

Sure - glad you asked, I’m currently using it with:

  • Synology
  • Microsoft and
  • Google

The list of supporters of this new standard is currently growing very fast.
Using passkey is very convenient and easy to use and it will eliminate all the passwords over time.
So, the challenge is then to combine your new syncing mechanism with the passkey feature in the (near) future :wink: in order to keep or evolve the business model for an app like Codebook.

This website lists the services and websites that support passkeys: