WWDC 2018 Thoughts and What’s New for Codebook

All last week we were following the news coming out of Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, where they cover all the changes they’ll be making to the operating systems, frameworks, and apps we use all the time, along with new features and technologies. Right on schedule with WWDC are betas for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, and we need to keep a close eye on what’s new for our password manager Codebook. Apple posts the session videos soon after they happen as the conference rolls on, so we spent the week reviewing them and trying out the new APIs for the first time, as well as the latest version of Xcode (there’s a pretty decent viewing guide here if you are interested.)

Thankfully, it looks like the work we need to do to make Codebook compatible with the latest OS versions will be pretty minimal, mostly focused on improvements. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming in that regard!

Dark Mode in Mojave

We’re already hard at work adapting Codebook for macOS to support the fantastic new Dark Mode in macOS Mojave. In fact, the work is a pleasure to do, and is leading to some really nice general improvements to the app, whether you use Dark Mode on your Mac or the traditional light Aqua interface.

AutoFill on iOS 12

Oh you bet we’re doing this! It’s a no-brainer, and I suspect every other password manager will be implementing it, too. If you don’t know what I’m referring to: iOS 12’s new Password AutoFill behavior supports third party password managers like Codebook. Even better, the new app extension provided to do this expects an implementation that’s quite a bit like what we’ve already achieved in Find in Codebook, our Action extension for filling out forms in Safari on iOS. Now we’ll be able to bring that capability to every app you work with on iOS! Ideally, you’ll never have to copy anther password to the pasteboard, or exit the app you’re signing into just to look up your password.

We’re really curious to hear what you think about the latest versions of macOS and iOS. Do you plan on using Dark Mode? Are you excited about the new Password AutoFill features in iOS 12? Would you use it with Codebook?

I assume it’s okay for me to just reply to this and say: Yes, really looking forward to the iOS auto-fill features with Codebook. Wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Not bothered about a dark mode, but I like the sound of general improvements (although how did you improve on perfection?)

Hopeful that you’ll consider a Linux version at some point.


Thank you for your support of Codebook, for the kind words and for posting.

Yes, really looking forward to the iOS auto-fill features with Codebook. Wouldn’t trust anyone else.

The iOS AutoFill was introduced in Codebook for iOS 3.6.0 Released - Password AutoFill and Free Trials - #3 by mmoore there are instructions for how to enable it along with some examples of it in action here: Codebook Help - Codebook for iOS Password AutoFill

Hopeful that you’ll consider a Linux version at some point.

While it’s not something that’s under active development or planned currently, it is still something on our radar (and that we’re tracking interest on). There’s a bit of discussion going on over here: Anyone have Codebook running in WINE? - #2 by Alex_Markley about running Codebook for Windows in WINE if you haven’t seen it yet.

Funnily enough, as I wrote this, I was like “I’m sure I’ve used this already…” didn’t see the date. Silly me. Awesome work.

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