Codebook for macOS 4.5.18 Beta - Sonoma Fixes

Not long after we made available our first Codebook update for macOS 14 Sonoma, we noticed something that we hadn’t seen in our testing. The password generator wasn’t looking right! The views that constitute the Advanced Options on there were still being displayed when they were supposed to be hidden, and clipping into other views.

A beta for version 4.5.18 is available now that fixes this bug, and also improves on the layout a little bit. The Reload button is moved down to the bottom of the window next to the Choose Suggestion button, and localization has been improved a bit, too.

Please let us know if you see any other display oddities on macOS 14 Sonoma!

Enabling Beta Updates

To enable Beta updates in Codebook for macOS, you must be using the Direct Download distribution, and not the Mac App Store version.

Launch Codebook for macOS, log in, then click on Codebook in the menu bar and select “Settings…” (or, “Preferences…” if you are on macOS < 13). When the Preferences window appears, click on the Updates tab, set the Release Channel setting to Beta, and then click on the Check For Updates button.

Is there any option to include MFA in this update please?

Hi @mel, nice to hear from you again, thanks for posting to the forum!

In short: multi-factor authentication is too big of a feature to include in a point (bugfix) update like this. The longer story of what’s up with MFA support, I’ve just posted over here in response to another customer who also inquired about it today: