Codebook for macOS 4.5.15 Beta

The latest beta of Codebook for macOS is available now. It contains some solid bug fixes, an improvement for the data importer if you happen to be coming from another popular password manager, improved French translations, and a refreshed user interface for the Create New Label panel window.

Changes In This Version

  • Fixes responsiveness of Create New Label window to the return/enter key
  • Refreshes Create New Label window, improving support for translations
  • Improvements to French translations
  • Fixes a potential crash on lock
  • Improvements to the import feature

Enabling Beta Updates

To enable Beta updates in Codebook for macOS, you must be using the Direct Download distribution, and not the Mac App Store version.

Launch Codebook for macOS, log in, then click on Codebook in the menu bar and select “Preferences…” (or, “Settings…” if you are on macOS Ventura). When the Preferences window appears, click on the Updates tab, set the Release Channel setting to Beta, and then click on the Check For Updates button.

Hi folks,

A second version of this beta was just posted, contains a few more importer adjustments.