Codebook for macOS 4.5.15 Released

Version 4.5.15 of Codebook for macOS is available now – download the latest version here. It contains various bug fixes, improved French translations, and a refreshed user interface for the Create New Label panel window.

Changes In This Version

  • Fixes responsiveness of the Create New Label window to the return/enter key
  • Refreshes the Create New Label window, improving support for translations
  • Improvements to French translations
  • Fixes a potential crash on lock

Create New Label Window

When you are editing an Entry in Codebook, and adding new fields to it, you might find that none of the labels you have already in the Add Field pop-up button is suitable—perhaps you want one called “Old Password” that still behaves like a password. In that case, the “New Label…” option at the top of the menu will let you create one to use on the fly.

In this version of Codebook, the “Create a New Label” window that appears when you choose “New Label…” has been redesigned to do a few things:

  • Better labeling
  • Improved translations
  • Properly wrap text and adapt layout for longer translations
  • Provide a little more clarity on the purpose of the masking option

Here it is in Nihongo:

And here you can see it adapted for Deutsche:

If you happen to notice anything amiss with our translations, please get in touch, we’re eager to get them right.