Codebook for macOS 4.3.6 Released

Codebook for macOS 4.3.6 is now available! This isn’t a feature update, but calling it a maintenance update doesn’t seem quite right either. This version has some needed bug fixes, and some nice improvements, but it also contains significant changes to add French, German, and Japanese translations in the interface. That work has been going on for quite some time, and we’re immensely grateful for the help and feedback we received along the way from those who contributed translations and edits. Read on for more information about the changes in this version of Codebook.

Translation Improvements

If your Mac is already set to display in French, German, or Japanese, the new translations in Codebook will show up automatically when you launch it.

If you wish to keep the interface in English, or if you wish to run Codebook with translations but keep your Mac set to another language, there is a new feature in macOS Big Sur 11 that lets you specify the language for a specific app:

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Language & Region
  2. Click the Apps tab, and add Codebook to the list
  3. Using the drop down that appears next to Codebook, select either French, German, or Japanese (or English)

Big Sur Bugs

Several more Big Sur bugs have been fixed in this version, related to table views collapsing the width of their last (or only) column. This was causing text to improperly indent from the right in the Release Notes window. On the Word List Backup view this was causing the last word in each row to be clipped, and on the Word List entry view it caused the last text field in each row to be smaller than all the rest.

Secret Agent

A minor adjustment has been made to the Secret Agent keyboard shortcut window. After showing Secret Agent, selecting an Entry to display the detail view, and then leaving the window, a user can press the keyboard shortcut again and the same detail view will be re-presented (if Codebook has not yet locked). When this happens, if a field in the list was previously selected, Codebook will scroll that field into view. This can be helpful when switching in and out of the Secret Agent window and referencing multiple fields, especially on an entry with a longer fields list.

Fields Context Menu

This is the menu that appears when you right click (command click) in a Field on the Entry view, displaying various options for showing, hiding, and otherwise making use of the Field in question. Last year we did some re-arranging to clean things up and group some of the items together in the menu. In doing so, we moved the Copy option out of the first position at the top of the menu. A year has gone by, and we still miss it, as does at least one person writing in to the support box. And so in this version the menu has been adjusted again, moving Copy back up to the top of the list.

Password AutoFill

In previous versions, if you launched the Codebook AutoFill feature and were unable to login, you would also be unable to dismiss the Codebook AutoFill window (without quitting the application in question)! This version restores that dismissal functionality to the Escape key. Simply hit Esc at any point while using the Codebook AutoFill window and it will be dismissed.